photos by naomi mark
  • we spent a whole weekend in a painting purgatory when we moved in 

  • My bedroom window

  • Although this has the spirit of being a candid photo - I infact had darted to the room to get my camera and missed the initial blowing of the candles and everyone humoured me and lit them again. 

  • I spent way too much time snapping photos of this exact photo on my iphone. The way the kite tail was captures was just so fascinating to me - such a hard line against the blue sky. You can tell Sara and Michael were pretty much ignoring me by this point becaue I had taken so many already but these are the only two I snapped on my film camera. 

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  • the start of my Driftwood series with Jackie Dives

  • Photo adventures with Jackie Dives

  • dat east van life do

  • Beach Duffins April, 2014

  • Mein Bruder ist weg

  • Ah yes, the break up roll.